SiidTech produces a small circuit that generates a unique and individual ID for each integrated circuit in which it is included. Integrated circuit manufacture normally turns out chips that are all the same. ICID ( I ntegrated C ircuit ID entification) uses the unavoidable variance in device matching intrinsic to normal IC manufacturing to generate unique IDs for every individual chip. Normal digital CMOS processes are used without modification, special handling, or time-consuming programming.

We have built nearly one million ICID blocks on multiple wafer runs and processes. The design is robust against changes in supply, temperature, processing, and aging. The production block is 100x150 microns in 0.35 micron CMOS. Block size and performance inproves with scaling.

Along with Rob Daasch and Don Taylor of Portland State University, we gave a paper on ICID at the 2000 Solid State Circuits conference.

Email: keithl(aT)kl-ic(doT)com


last revision Jan 11, 2013