The Tektronix Years

I spent a long time at Tektronix. They paid for part of my schooling and I worked summers there.

My first project was a bipolar high speed flash data converter.

Years of MOS digital design followed. The IC Design Group was a service organization for the entire company, so I would often travel to other plants and participate in designs. On the Sunday Mt. Saint Helens blew up, I was inside working on the driver code for a magnetic tape driver chip that went into the DAS9100 logic analyzer; I learned about the explosion when people came in Monday.

In MOS, I did DACs, filters, and modems. I introduced standard cells to Tektronix. I did much of my own layout. Early on, I had an account on teklabs, one of the first commercial machines connected to the UUCP backbone, later absorbed into the Internet.

As bipolar densities grew, I moved back into bipolar, developing cells and layout methods for the new LBT process. I did test chips, a logic pattern generator, and helped with the 8 bit 500 MHz ADC. Later, I managed a small team that built a 10 bit ADC (which made the cover of EDN).

I left Tektronix to pursue built-in self test ideas in 1990. The Tektronix Integrated Circuit Operation was purchased by Maxim.

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