KLIC: Keith Lofstrom's Resume - Steridian, Gerhard Beenen Reference

Steridian worked on a novel display scheme involving a small LCOS display image copied onto larger, low cost photomodulated transmissive surfaces.

KLIC was called in by engineering manager Gerhard Beenen to help principal designer Jim Sanford do a redesign of the LCOS display chip. This 1920x1080 chip had very small pixels and generated 4800 frames per second. The problems were related to statistical tails of passgate behavior, and a redesign with less leaky FETs, edge-speed-controlled column drivers, quieter ground planes, and a more compact pixel design was completed in less than two months.

The LCOS display worked great. Unfortunately, other parts of the system suffered problems that were not solved fast enough for the investors, who pulled the plug in early 2006.

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